I’ll Be Wearing This or That


I have never been a light traveler, my friends and family will attest to that. However, being the product of Catholic school systems,  I’ve always liked the idea of wearing a uniform and that fits right in with this expedition. Two sets of clothes for two months. Not exactly a uniform, but it may as well be. You never have to think about what to wear, it’s either this or that. I’ve read a lot of Camino blogs and just about every one of them touts a Pack List. No one has listed pajamas on their pack list. I hope that means everyone sleeps in their clothes.

We will be staying at Albergues which are simple, affordable accommodations that have beds with mattresses, restrooms and showers. Some have as many as 200 beds in an open room, others have dormitory rooms with a half dozen bunks. Reservations are not necessary. An assortment of other more private accommodations are also available for a little more money. Walk as far as you want, stop when you need to. The Camino always provides.

“The sun will shine upon you one day

 If you’re always walkin’ your way.”

Walk Don’t Walk

Diamonds & Pearls album


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