Ribadiso: Our Last Day

15 October 2019 Today is our last day as volunteer Hospitaleras at the albuergue in Ribadiso. As hosts, we enjoyed greeting hundreds of guests from all over the world while staying at this historic albuergue that has been welcoming visitors since 1523. Now it’s time to say goodbye. We’ve gotten used to candlelight breakfasts. ThisContinue reading “Ribadiso: Our Last Day”

Ribadiso: A Cold Rainy Sunday

Ribadiso Albuergue 13 October 2019 Fall is definitely settling in here. The days are getting shorter. It’s dark at 8:00 am and dark at 8:00 pm. It’s windy, cold and rainy. Not a good day for pilgrims to be walking today. Sunday morning is very quiet at Meson Rural. One of my priorities today isContinue reading “Ribadiso: A Cold Rainy Sunday”

Ribadiso: Fiesta National de Espana 2019

Ribadiso, Albuergue 12 October 2019 Happy National Spain Day! Today is a national holiday that WHAT?? Commemorates Christopher Columbus?? I guess we still kind of have remnants of that in the US too but they are trying to call it Indigenous People’s day or something like that. We were a little disturbed with the originsContinue reading “Ribadiso: Fiesta National de Espana 2019”

Ribadiso: A Trip to Melide

Ribadiso Albuergue 11 October 2019 It’s Friday morning and we leave next Tuesday. Our time in Ribadiso is running out. This morning we are going to visit the little town of Melide which is about six miles away. We had stayed in Melide three years ago when we walked Camino Frances. Two camino routes meetContinue reading “Ribadiso: A Trip to Melide”

Ribadiso: Many Visitors Today

Ribadiso Albuergue 10 October 2019 It’s another beautiful day in Ribadiso. It has been an amazing experience to be staying in this beautiful countryside with a babbling brook flowing under a 6th century Roman bridge that leads to our 16th century accommodations. I feel so fortunate to experience this in addition to having the opportunityContinue reading “Ribadiso: Many Visitors Today”

Ribadiso: Sunshine after a Rainy Day

Ribidiso Albuergue 9 October 2019 It’s Wednesday in Ribadiso! The sun is out and it’s warm compared to yesterday when it rained and was cold. When the sun is shining there is more pilgrim traffic. First Pilgrim to Arrive Today: Bradley from Virginia. He’s familiar with the Midwest because he went to grad school inContinue reading “Ribadiso: Sunshine after a Rainy Day”

Ribadiso: The Féria Comes to Town

Ribadiso Albuergue 8 October 2019 This Tuesday in Arzua is Féria! It happens on the 8th and 22nd of each month. It’s kind of a festival market. Our American Pilgrims on the Camino contact person, Annie who is an American who lives in Santiago, said we should go and experience it because it’s part ofContinue reading “Ribadiso: The Féria Comes to Town”

Ribadiso: It’s a Small World

Ribadiso Albuergue 7 October 2019 It’s a foggy Monday morning. Around 10:00 am, little Chisco, who thinks he’s a herd dog helps farmer Alfonso escort the cows to their pasture. The singing pilgrim stops for a song and then he’s back on the Camino again. At Meson Rural, there are three copper vats that hangContinue reading “Ribadiso: It’s a Small World”

Ribadiso: A Magical Stop on Camino Frances

Ribadiso Albuergue 6 October 2019 Sunday is another gentle day at the albuergue. It’s a beautiful sunny morning. It’s going to be very warm. Not sure if this horse rider is a pilgrim or a local. Pilgrim’s riding horses have a different route and they need to stay at places that can accommodate the careContinue reading “Ribadiso: A Magical Stop on Camino Frances”