Ribadiso: The Féria Comes to Town

Ribadiso Albuergue 8 October 2019 This Tuesday in Arzua is Féria! It happens on the 8th and 22nd of each month. It’s kind of a festival market. Our American Pilgrims on the Camino contact person, Annie who is an American who lives in Santiago, said we should go and experience it because it’s part ofContinue reading “Ribadiso: The Féria Comes to Town”

Ribadiso: It’s a Small World

Ribadiso Albuergue 7 October 2019 It’s a foggy Monday morning. Around 10:00 am, little Chisco, who thinks he’s a herd dog helps farmer Alfonso escort the cows to their pasture. The singing pilgrim stops for a song and then he’s back on the Camino again. At Meson Rural, there are three copper vats that hangContinue reading “Ribadiso: It’s a Small World”

Ribadiso: A Magical Stop on Camino Frances

Ribadiso Albuergue 6 October 2019 Sunday is another gentle day at the albuergue. It’s a beautiful sunny morning. It’s going to be very warm. Not sure if this horse rider is a pilgrim or a local. Pilgrim’s riding horses have a different route and they need to stay at places that can accommodate the careContinue reading “Ribadiso: A Magical Stop on Camino Frances”

Ribadiso: Country Life is Beautiful

Ribadiso Albuergue 5 October 2019 • First Pilgrim to Arrive at the Albuergue was from Malaga Spain. Most pilgrims start in Palais de Rey which is 20K (about 18 miles). Those arriving around 1:00 pm are fast walkers or else they leave early in the morning when it is dark. • Pilgrim of the Day:Continue reading “Ribadiso: Country Life is Beautiful”

Ribadiso — Life is a Long Camino

Ribadiso Albuergue 4 October 2019 First Person to Arrive Today is: Ton Bae Lee from South Korea. His English is very good. It seems like all the pilgrims who arrived at the Albuergue today know Ton Bae. A large group of Spaniards that looked like a soccer team came through and they were all veryContinue reading “Ribadiso — Life is a Long Camino”

Ribadiso: A Quiet Day at the Albergue

Ribadiso Albuergue: 3 October 2019 • First Pilgrim to Arrive Today was from: Belgium • Word of the Day: Queixos That is Galician for cheese which in Spain is usually queso. But not in Galicia … it is pronounced with a lisp … Kay thos. There is a special cheese made in Azura. It isContinue reading “Ribadiso: A Quiet Day at the Albergue”

Ribadiso: Pilgrims on Parade

Pilgrims on parade by foot, bike and horse. Ribadiso Albuergue: 2 October 2019 • First Pilgrim to arrive Today is from: South Korea • Best Quote of the Day: “My feet hurt so bad my butt aches.” Anonymous pilgrim • Word of the Day: Vele, Vele It’s pronounced “bally bally” and usually said very fast.Continue reading “Ribadiso: Pilgrims on Parade”

Ribadiso: Greeting the World

1 October 2019; Ribadiso Albuergue, Spain “On the Camino there are no strangers, only friends who haven’t met yet” This quote came from an unknown source in Rabinal. Working at the albuergue we have come to realize how true it is. Morning It’s our first day of work at the Albuergue. Our predecessors, Chuck andContinue reading “Ribadiso: Greeting the World”

After Camino Ingles: Santiago to Finisterre

28 September 2019 Saturday morning in Old Town Santiago … charming but it was very noisy at night. Lots of people at the bar below us, street noise, revelers and more. Terry slept in while I scurried off to the Pilgrim Offiice. I wanted to get my Camino Ingles Compostela which is a document writtenContinue reading “After Camino Ingles: Santiago to Finisterre”