Tucson: Fourth Avenue, Murals & Korean Corn Dogs

And the Tucson adventure continues. Temperatures this weekend were in the high 70s. Full sunshine was a welcome break from the gray and cloudy winter skies of Minnesota. My husband David and I are exploring the area with our favorite snowbirds — John and Vicki. We’re on the serendipity path and one interesting stop wasContinue reading “Tucson: Fourth Avenue, Murals & Korean Corn Dogs”

Tucson: Rockin’ the Canyons & Gem Show

Bright blue sky today and lots of sunshine. Tough deciding what to do this weekend with so many options. After much coffee and tossing suggestions around the final picks are Sabino Canyon, FingerRock Mountain, Gem & Mineral Show and Sonoran hot dogs. Sabino Canyon is scenic with gentle trails for walkers like me and moreContinue reading “Tucson: Rockin’ the Canyons & Gem Show”

Jane Not In Spain: Tucson

Minnesota winters merit a getaway to Arizona. On this trip, I’m heading for Tucson with my husband David for a long weekend. We’re flying into Phoenix and driving to Tucson. Our first stop is about 50 miles south of Phoenix near the Gila River Valley and the town of Coolidge. Here lies one of Arizona’sContinue reading “Jane Not In Spain: Tucson”

Antigua: Half Moon Bay & Betty’s Hope

Our last full day! We went back to our new favorite snorkeling spot on Galleon Beach. Mid-morning another Trans-Atlantic row boat entered the harbor. The two-man boat, Tikkurila, finished the 3000 mile trek in just over 51 days. The hoopla begins when they light the flares. The blue boat with the Antiguan flag circles aroundContinue reading “Antigua: Half Moon Bay & Betty’s Hope”

Antigua: Snorkeling and Shirley Heights

We had a nice variety of breakfast items bought at yesterday’s public market in Saint John. We packed up snorkeling gear and headed to Galleon Beach in English Harbor. We’re going to try snorkeling where the security guard suggested. We were much closer to the reef and the snorkeling was pretty good here. This wasContinue reading “Antigua: Snorkeling and Shirley Heights”

Antigua: Market, Donkeys & Devil’s Bridge

Today’s route does a little zig zag around the center of the island. We started our route around 8:00 am. First stop is the Saturday public market at Saint Johns. Today’s Driving Dilemma: Everything was going great until I came upon a row of parked cars. I followed a motorcycle around them and to myContinue reading “Antigua: Market, Donkeys & Devil’s Bridge”

Antigua: Galleon Beach Adventures

After the long day in Barbuda yesterday, we spent plenty of time relaxing on the balcony and drinking coffee this morning. Beach time! Nearby Galleon Beach is calling us! Located on Antigua’s southern coast in English Harbor, Galleon Beach is relatively well protected from rough seas. It is named after the ships that used toContinue reading “Antigua: Galleon Beach Adventures”

Barbuda: Frigates & Pink Sand

Crack of dawn and the roosters are crowing. We left our accommodations around 5:00 am and headed for Antigua’s main harbor in the town of Saint John. Our excursion to the island of Barbuda is going to fill the day. We were nervous about finding a parking place on the streets in Saint John. AContinue reading “Barbuda: Frigates & Pink Sand”

Jane Not In Spain: Antigua & Barbuda

It’s the end of January and we still have about 20” of snow on the ground. And today, when I’m leaving for Antigua-Barbuda, it’s raining on top of the 20” of snow. Not a good combination. The temperature is above freezing so the 3:00 am drive to the airport shouldn’t be too treacherous. After takingContinue reading “Jane Not In Spain: Antigua & Barbuda”

Curacao: Shete Boka — Seven Inlets

Today’s destination is Shete Boka which means ‘Seven Inlets”. The area actually has more than 10 Boka’s (inlets) where three species of turtles nest. Years ago, an environmental group arranged excursions in this area along seven bays. This is where the name came from, however, there are more than seven coves in this national park.Continue reading “Curacao: Shete Boka — Seven Inlets”

Curacao: Westpunt — The Quiet Side

Our new accommodations were at a Scuba Diving resort in Westpunt. We came in late last night when it was dark, so it was exciting to see the natural beauty of this part of the island in full daylight. This resort is located on a cliff overlooking the amazing turquoise water. It was about 7:00-ishContinue reading “Curacao: Westpunt — The Quiet Side”

Curacao: Climbing Christoffel, Hanging with Peacocks and I ❤️ Jaanchie’s!

Today we are heading for Mt. Christoffel National Park. David is going to take on the mountain. Hikers need to register with the park office by 10:30 am or they are not allowed to climb. The heat and humidity become an issue later in the morning. The well travelled trail is pretty much one mileContinue reading “Curacao: Climbing Christoffel, Hanging with Peacocks and I ❤️ Jaanchie’s!”

Curacao: The Other End of the Island

Today we’re moving to the west end of the island. We’ve had a great time in Willemstad but are eager to explore the quieter side of the island. Westpunt is the western most point and mostly known for being surrounded by beautiful nature, scuba diving and shores. The whole island from east to west isContinue reading “Curacao: The Other End of the Island”

Curacao: Headed for Hato

David started the day with something called the Açaí bowl. It was purple, cold and thick like ice cream. It contained fresh fruit, oatmeal milk, granola nuts and dried fruit. Very refreshing in this hot and humid weather. Running parallel to most of Curacao’s north coast, are cliffs that were formed 200 million years agoContinue reading “Curacao: Headed for Hato”

Curacao: Street Art & Beaches

First order of the day after coffee, was to find a place to watch the World Cup Soccer match between Holland and the US. We walked through our neighborhood looking at street art. It’s everywhere in this very colorful city. The Kura Hulanda Museum shows the turbulent period that involved the Slave trade between theContinue reading “Curacao: Street Art & Beaches”

Curacao: Exploring Punda and Otrobanda

Bon Dia! That’s good morning in Papiamento and Bon Bini means welcome. Two common phrases heard and seen all about Willemstad. The Queen Emma bridge is hinged and opens regularly to enable the passage of ocean going vessels. On the opposite end from the hinge is a small shelter where an operator controls two dieselContinue reading “Curacao: Exploring Punda and Otrobanda”

Jane Not In Spain: Curaçao

Where?? That’s the common response when I mention a trip to Curaçao. A map is needed to explain this one. Located in the southern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela, Curaçao was a Dutch colony for a long time. Since 2010, Curacao has been an independent country within the kingdom of the Netherlands. They areContinue reading “Jane Not In Spain: Curaçao”

Pacific City Oregon: An Awesome Weekend

Next stop Pacific City! A beautiful drive down the coast and it seems to be even more remote. After a little wine, we realize it’s a long drive back to Pacific City and we don’t want to miss the sunset. Back in the car and a beeline route back. The week ended with a bonfireContinue reading “Pacific City Oregon: An Awesome Weekend”

Buckle Up … Back to Portland

Another cloudy cold day on the Oregon coast. David and I are headed to the Portland airport to pick up a few wedding guests. It was another beautiful drive through the hilly forest. No stops along the way. We were trying to arrive at the airport in a timely manner. We planned to squeeze 5Continue reading “Buckle Up … Back to Portland”