Estella to Villamayor

Day 9, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017


Our good weather luck changed. This morning it’s chilly and we’re ready for rain.

Enroute to Villamayor.

My lovely hunchback rain pancho.

We wandered into a blacksmith shop. Jesus had a show room full of artwork he has made.

I really liked this floor lamp that looks like a glass of wine. It stands about 5′ high.

Down the road, we saw a sign promoting our blacksmith.

Just up the road from blacksmith shop is the Bodega Winery free wine Spigot.

A little wine and I’m behind bars!

Next was a beautiful old church. 

And then the wine museum.

Back on the trail again.

This looks like it might be a chapel or church but it is a cistern. It’s full of water.

We finally reached Villamayor. We got the last double room in a brand new Alburgue. Even though it was a private room, it still had bunk beds but we didn’t care — we had our own bathroom. The view from my window was great. We saw many pilgrims who did not get a bed and had to take a cab to the next town. 

We found a cute little bar down the street that had a huge beer collection including vodka flavored beer and tequila flavored beer. Strange … I always thought vodka was flavorless so would the vodka flavored beer taste like beer? He also had a 41 proof beer that was in a paperbag wrapper. 

We came back later to the little bar for a “pilgrim’s dinner”. We were at a table with an Italian woman who was alone and didn’t speak English. Some more Italians came and we pushed the tables together so she’d have somebody to talk to during dinner. A couple more Italians came so Terry and I gave up our places so they could all sit together and we joined English speakers who had also pushed tables together. The burgundy haired waitress did not like this. She pushed all the tables back as they were and we all scrambled for seats again. I sat with John and Jillian from wine country in California. We had a very nice basque dinner with a hearty stew, roasted chicken and flan for dessert.


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