We toured the Cathedral of Burgos which is one of the biggest churches in Spain.

There are many spectacular photos, however, my favorite is …

The papamoscas, which is the “fly catcher” clock. His mouth opens and closes as he tells time.  Not sure why an ostentatious church would have this goofy thing above a clock.

This little cart is what they wheel around town for Saint Days and Holy Week processions. 

For lunch, our friend Kate from Australia had, “soupy rice with rabbit”. They served her a giant pot of soup that could have fed a half dozen people.

Mary Poppins street was filled with umbrellas.

These people came from Toledo to create a flower display at the Cathedral that emulates the rose window from Notre Dame in Paris. We watched them work and it was impressive. They used live cut flowers.

A storm blew in around 7pm and damaged much of their work. They need to be finished by tomorrow.

We toured Burgos in this dopey little red train. It was only 5 Euro and it went all over town. It was well worth the money.

Kate, Terry and I had our own train car. It was a little bit scary on the round-abouts and some of the very narrow streets.

Time for a G&T. We continued watching the creation of the plant display at the cathedral.

These are not KKK figures, they are penitents. Usually during Lenten processions there are individuals who repent by parading around  in such attire.

 Lots of charm to be found in Burgos. 

Storm blew in and we hunkered down at a swinging bar near our hostel.

Tapas for dinner.

Loved this place!

Even the ceiling was funky.

Humberto from Toledo joined us. He was one of the guys working on the flower display. He was a bit smitten with Kate. Very interesting person … we talked about everything from bull fights to tornadoes.

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3 thoughts on “Burgos

  1. Thank you so much for doing this blog. I have been just loving it!!! It is a vacations trip to that region to read it. Such an experience for you!


  2. I am loving your blog too. Thank you. Looks like another very fun day…especially the “swinging bar.”


  3. I’ve been trying to read up on your adventures every few days. You and Terri are quite the footsore senoritas! Enjoying how the two of you are always up for whatever each little hamlet or larger city has to offer. You’ve visited some quirky and fascinating places!


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