Trabedelos to Biduedo 

DAY 31: THURSDAY, MAY 18, 2017

Trabedelos is located in the valley between mountain ranges. It felt kind of like a dead zone. A dying town with little energy. We were eager to get moving again. 

The road out of Trabedelos.

We connected with Deb from Arizona who used to work for Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Arizona. It’s a small world on the Camino. Deb connected with the two women we shared a cab with when we arrived in Bayonne, France.

A lotta roosters running around.

There are massive, tall bridges that connect the mountains and they are planted in these little villages beneath. It’s a skyway of trucks.

Field of sheep grazing.

This is a giant dog — some form of Saint Bernard. I think he was suppose to be guarding the sheep but he seemed to like posing for photos.

The little villages are always interesting to wander through. So many interesting pieces of culture and history.

One little shop had a very large display of rosaries. 

Nice rest stop in Las Herrerias.

Back up the hill to O’Cebreiro. Took this photo shortly (minutes) before the fog and rain rolled in. This is the beginning of the Galicia region which very much resembles Ireland.

Many of the homes and buildings in O’Cebreiro and Galicia are made of stone and have thatched roofs. There are also a lot of slate roofs. This is a historical model of what a typical dwelling from the Celtic era 1500 years ago until the 1960s.

It started raining so we stopped for lunch — we had Galician soup made from cabbage and some croquets that were made of potatoes and cheese.

By the time we were done eating, the sun was out again. This is the place where we ate lunch. Next stop, down the hill to Biduedo.

This is the hostel we stayed in. The blue tractor has a glass garage. 

I went outside after dinner and it was still very light out at 9pm. The farmers were bringing the cows back to their barn. Lead cow got a little out of line and went its own way. The farmer was not very happy when she started drinking out of a public fountain.

Across the road from our hostel was a very humble, small church. Biduedo is two blocks long and mostly stone barns and farm buildings. The church has no pews. Just an altar and a stand with a bible or lectionary on it. They have fenced in the rose bushes probably so the cows leave them alone.

Front entrance to the little church in Biduedo.

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One thought on “Trabedelos to Biduedo 

  1. Looks like el Camino is more demanding in Galicia,…but very beautiful. You have made much progress…getting close to the end of the trail. You are amazing!


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