Shout out to Bob Brown in Duluth, Minnesota

Thank you so much Bob for being one of our most loyal followers! I so appreciate your encouraging words especially after a day of hot sun and hills. Wish you were here to enjoy some octopods with us hahah! The beer and wine flows freely here … its just about free and much cheaper than soft drinks (like a coke, 7UP,  juice) believe it or not. However, gin & tonic is a bit pricey … not because of the cost of gin but because of the little bottle of tonic which costs much more than a beer.  Even though there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears … we are having a great time. Cheers!

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Jane is a resident of Browndale neighborhood in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

3 thoughts on “Shout out to Bob Brown in Duluth, Minnesota

  1. See you have your Twins shirt on, did you know they are in first place? Hope we can go to a game when you get back and I can here some of the stories!


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