Santiago to Finisterre

DAY 43: TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2017

Even though we have finished our Camino, the trail continues out to the Atlantic Ocean to Finisterre. In the Columbus era, Finisterre was thought to be the end of the world. Terry, David and I took a two-hour bus ride to check it out.


This is the hostel we stayed at in Finisterre.


The harbor at Finisterre.


There is a small fishing museum and it’s curator is very passionate. He told us all about how Octopus traps work and he had a lot of info about the underwater mountains in the harbor.


Very hot in Finisterre. Time for a lunch break.


This is an octopus and bean casserole.


Beautiful day on the water front.


This is the lighthouse on the very tip of Finisterre … it looks out at the ‘end of the earth’.

IMG_2176This is Camino marker 0.00K — the end of the Camino.


Time for a GinTonica.


Sunset is upon us.


Sunset wasn’t until after 10:00 pm.


Back in the main part of town, we crossed paths with Bjorn, a jazz musician from Germany — it was a nice surprise to see him again.


The restaurant had a nice beer stein collection but not as nice as Andy Karl’s.

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