Off to a Great Start

14 September 2019

Super Shortcut Through Security at MSP Airport

Most locals know that MSP is restructuring it’s TSA security check points which means there’s only one station open with extremely long lines. As usual, Terry and I were dreading it and planned to arrive extra extra early.

At work yesterday, David learned about a treasure of a short cut — the new Intercontinental Hotel at MSP has a TSA check point at the entrance to the skyway into the airport’s concourse. It’s open to the public, not just hotel guests. Having nothing to lose we decided to try it.

We dropped my backpack at the Delta curbside. David drove us to the front door of the Intercontinental where we said goodbye. We took the elevator to floor 3 and were delighted to see the TSA people and absolutely nobody around. I was giddy with joy. It took minutes to get through security and minutes to walk the skyway to the concourse. The only downside is that this TSA check-in is only open from 5-10 am … and also that we now have lots of time to kill.

The corridor from Intercontinental TSA to MSP corridor was totally empty.

I really love the new Intercontinental Hotel. My sister Mary has flown in twice this summer and we have checked it out. I read in the newspaper a year ago that there was an observation deck on the top floor. Observation hallway was more like it. There is a big conference center on top and it has great views.

We loved the cocktail lounge … especially the wall-size scrabble board. There is a billiard room and just about every board game imaginable.

The cocktail lounge at the Intercontinental hotel has awesome games.

We noticed that they have a good happy hour too. Last time Mary was flying home, I dropped her off. I hadn’t even left the airport and she called and asked me to retrieve her because her airline’s gate didn’t open for another hour or so.

We cruised over to the Intercontinental for a delightful lunch. They will validate your parking ticket if you eat lunch there. Parking was $5 for two hours. However, both times we were there, the machine that you pay for parking at was broken … so for now, parking is free.


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