Good Morning Madrid — Or is It Afternoon??

16 September 2019

Terry slept like a rock … for 14 hours straight. I’m not so lucky. I was restless and kept waking up off and on with intermittent periods of reading and blogging. Needless-to-say, we got a late start today.

The first few hours were spent chasing around Puerto del Sol. The ‘grab & go’ vendors were busy. We call them Grab & Go because their ground cloth has a rope attached to it that lets them quickly escape with all of their goods and hightail it out of there for whatever reason … the police, find a new corner or to stop working for the day.

Busy day for the ‘Grab & Go’ vendors.

Our first stop was the Apple Store to resolve some problems I was having with my login. Mission accomplished. Next we tried to find a Fitbit charger. Mission not accomplished. In between we found a few non-essential stores that were fun to look through. A few non-essential purchases made.

By the time we got around to finding breakfast it was 5:00 pm or more like around 10:00 am Minneapolis time. Anytime is a good time for Sangria.

After a wonderful roast chicken ‘breakfast’ we decided to go to our favorite park which is El Retiro. But first, we had to stop and check out a church.

This is the Church San Jose which is on the World Heritage site. Simone Bolivar, the conquistador who founded Bolivia and killed a bunch of people, was married there.

We noticed that they seem to like putting bars in front of Baby Jesus. Maybe they think someone might steal him.

Very interesting architecture all over Madrid. Eventually, we made it to the park where it was so pleasant and a great place to work off some jet lag.

This is the formal entrance to Parque de El Retiro.

Pleasant music with a pleasant setting. El Retiro was an awesome place to relax.

We walked back to our neighborhood and ended the evening at Plaza Major.


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Jane is a resident of Browndale neighborhood in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

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