Ribadiso: A Quiet Day at the Albergue

Ribadiso Albuergue: 3 October 2019

• First Pilgrim to Arrive Today was from: Belgium

• Word of the Day: Queixos That is Galician for cheese which in Spain is usually queso. But not in Galicia … it is pronounced with a lisp … Kay thos.

There is a special cheese made in Azura. It is white and very creamy like Brie.

Pilgrim of the Day: Tim from Taiwan. Tim recently graduated from the Police Academy and now has four months off to travel. He scored high on his police test which will help him get assigned to his hometown near Taipei. He will begin working as a police officer when he returns home.

Loveable Local: Laura, waitress at Meson Rural. We see Laura just about every day and she always very welcoming.

Laura’s t-shirt depicts a Galician festival that takes place in Melide the second weekend in September. She said people drink wine and eat Peppers Padron.

This beautifully patterned little snake is about the size of an earthworm.

Chickens from the farm next door.

Eager pups playing in the river.

A pilgrim cooling his feet.

Andrea from Austria doing Qigong on the river. She had just met the guy next to her and he wanted to try Qigong. She handed me her cell phone and asked me to take photos from the bridge of three poses.

Dinner back at the cottage. An assortment of pork and sausage in the rice along with salad mixta. It’s starting to rain. Very quiet at the albuergue.

I ended the day by taking a walk into the countryside. Very relaxing.


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Jane is a resident of Browndale neighborhood in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Ribadiso: A Quiet Day at the Albergue

  1. Your dinner looks so yummy! Thanks so much for sharing all these adventures!! It is snowing here today so the escape is priceless.


  2. Jane, I have been enjoying following your journey! I feel I am traveling with you as your pictures and descriptions are so vivid! Thanks and keep sharing your joy!


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