Roncevalle to Zubiri

Day 3: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 2017


Loved the Albuergue at Roncevalle monastery. The lights went on at 6am. A man came through strumming his guitar and singing, “Morning Has Broken”. It was a sweet way to be awakened.

We walked to the nearest village. On our way we saw a bus load of Koreans who were loading their suitcases onto a tour bus. They rushed to a restaurant for breakfast which is were we wandered. Then they rushed down the Camino with their day packs on. We wondered why they were in such a big hurry.

We hiked in the foothills so there was still a lot of ups and downs. It took about 8 hours to reach Zubiri and we were totally exhausted. It was about 6pm and we didn’t have a reservation anywhere. All of the Albuergues and Pensions were full. We ended up in the Municipal Albuergue. Only 8 euros. There were several dorms. Ours was a big room with about 25 bunks. Unfortunately you had to go outside to find the restrooms and showers.

The Japanese people next to us were doing facials and wore their masks to bed.

This is the 3rd floor accommodations at the monastery — very nice. We’ve heard the other floors were not so nice and they had bunk beds. The late comers are rewarded with the best accommodations.

A nice quiet breakfast in Buergete. The bus load of Koreans just left.

They call this a tortilla. They are severed everywhere. They cost less than $4. We had a really good one today  … it was bacon, cheese and lots of garlic

Burguete boasts that it is the witch capitol of the world. Lots of enchanted forests nearby.

Another beautiful sunny day. Too sunny, were starting to get a little too much color. Using lots of sunscreen.

We ended the day at thMuni at Zubiri. Our Japanese neighbors slept with their facial masks on. 

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4 thoughts on “Roncevalle to Zubiri

  1. I love hearing about your trip. I am with you in spirit- enjoying your adventure and the fantastic scenery through your blogs. Happy travels!


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