Zubiri to Pamplona

DAY 4: FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017


This was a very long day. Beautiful hiking trails and we wandered to an Abbey church and monastery from the 1300s that was being restored by a man from South Africa. He bought it from the bishop about 2-3 years ago and now lives there. He has excavated a lot of history and relics.

Remnants of an altar in the Abbey church.

The Abbey had some lovely gardens. I don’t know what type of cabbage or lettuce this is but I was intrigued by the alternating colors.

Marina from Southern England

We stopped for lunch at a delightful little pub with outdoor tables next to a stream that we had been following. Met up with a group of Irish people and our friend Marina from Southern England. It’s a party! Everyone took off their boots and packs and had a good long rest. Eventually we got moving again and hiked together for awhile.

In the middle is Ann from Derry, Northern Ireland with Marina standing behind her.

Appaloosa horses by the trail. There are a lot of horses everywhere. Many are unattended and not fenced in. They just wander.

They stopped before Pamplona and we kept going. We had a hotel reservation in Pamplona for the next two nights. We were really excited when we saw the city in the distance. Little did we know it was many miles away to reach our hotel. We walked along a river for a long way. Lots of beautiful parks and families out strolling. We were still in the suburbs. The locals would see us looking lost and would start directing us to the Camino trail. So helpful!

The Magdalena bridge leads to the city walls of Pamplona.

About 8pm we entered the city up a long stone ramp and through a medieval gate. It felt like we were entering a castle. We worked our way through the small cobblestone streets.

Entering the medieval gate to Pamplona.

There were lots of people coming out for the evening and the bars and restaurants were full.

Friday evening in the old part of Pamplona.

We found the city center which was a little more modern but didn’t know how to get to our hotel. We must have looked worn and pathetic by that point because people kept coming up to help us find out way.  My feet were killing me and I could hardly move.

The locals were very helpful and walked us to our hotel. By the end of the day my Fitbit was reading 49,937 steps. We did about 20 miles.

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