DAY 5: APRIL 22, 2017


This was our first rest day and it was much needed. Yesterday’s 20 mile hike into Pamplona was a killer. I could hardly walk today. One toe was bruised and purple. It looked like it was ready to explode. The other foot had some major blister action going. We hobbled over to the Pharmacia. I showed the pharmacist my toe and he asked me the pain level from 0-10. I told him 8. He gave me a tube of “radio salil” and said to apply 3x a day and wrap it. It’s miraculous how fast my feet started feeling better. I love the Pharmacia!

Life on the Camino is not always pretty.

Next we hobbled over to the lavanderia and dropped off all of our clothes to be washed. We were actually wearing our pajamas — nike shorts & t-shirts. Next stop was the “Eat & Drink” which was international fast food. We had doner kebab which I was introduced to in Istanbul many years ago.  The meat is grilled on a vertical spit and sliced off — kind of like gyros. It was fabulous. Came with fries and a coke which they were more than happy to substitute a beer for the coke. All for about $6.

The “Eat & Drink” was right around the corner from our hotel. 

We were starting to feel human again after the feet, laundry and lunch was taken care of so we headed back for a lazy afternoon nap before hitting the town.

It was another warm day. We walked to the area where the running of the bulls take place. We happened to stop at a church on the way. To our delight, it was the church of San Fermin — the patron saint of the running of the bulls.

This is San Fermin (I like to call him San Fermentation), patron St. Of the running of the bulls.


These fences are along the street where the running of the bulls takes place.

We wandered to a bar for a beer. Minutes later there was a big hubub going on in the street. It was a loud marching band playing    what I was told was ‘typical Navarre music.’ People were dancing, cheering and having a great time and it was only about 7pm. I asked someone if it was about a soccer game. No, they were warming up for the running of the bulls which doesn’t start until July 7th.  That is a long time to warm up.


A community band playing in the old part of Pamplona where the bulls run.


This banner preceded the marching band.



Were not sure what this was but it was some kind of bacon and ham thing​​.


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4 thoughts on “Pamplona

  1. i like ur nail colors! seems nice old town. but spider man in banner! thanks for lunch idea i will have gyro kebab & fries! gelato for dessert. what a local beer in panplona?


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