Pamplona to Uterga

DAY 6: SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 2017


Fortunately, our hotel was on the outward bound side of Pamplona. We were heading uphill through three small towns and then to Alto del Perdon. Off in the distance we could see the wind turbines. They looked so far away. It was a very steep climb.

It was hot dusty, steep and long.

Getting closer.

We were so happy to find this little bit of shade on our way up the hill.

This is Alto Del Perdon, “Mount of Forgiveness”. The climb up is an arduous one. This iconic sculpture is dedicated to all the pilgrims who walk the Camino. The long metal sculpture representing pilgrims on foot and on horse reflects the historic and eternal nature of the walk. There is a Spanish inscription on it, “donde de cruza el camino del viento con el de las estrellas” meaning “where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars.”

Going downhill was quite treacherous. It was steep and rocky. Many injuries happen on this hill. We ended the day at the next village which was so small but welcoming. They had a lovely outdoor patio. We grabbed a couple beds, did laundry and sat outside and drank beer. We were delighted to see our friend Marina from Southern England. She saw us drinking beer and couldn’t pass it up. She stayed for the night too.

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Jane is a resident of Browndale neighborhood in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Pamplona to Uterga

  1. Jane, your brother John mentioned you were hiking the Camino santiago. This is something I would love to do. After you get home I would love to get together and here about your experience. We must have met at sometime. Good luck and God bless you. Rich Schneller


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