Uterga to Lorca

DAY 7: MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017


We were all gung-ho to make some good mileage. We had planned to make it to Villatuerta. For the most part it was a wonderful walk. Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos because I was having memory issues with my phone. 

The trail is accented with red poppies. They randomly appear and are such a welcome burst of color.

Love seeing the horses wandering around the trail.

Even though this was suppose to be a flat day of hiking, there were plenty of steep hills. Mid afternoon the sun and heat got to us. We through off the backpacks and boots and sat in the shade for awhile. We abandoned the idea of going to Villatuerta and switched the Albuergue  reservation to Lorca. We eventually started walking again and it was a horrible hike back and forth under a freeway and up a steep hill. The reward was finding a really cool Albuergue and we were able to get a double room for $4 more than beds in a dorm. 

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Jane is a resident of Browndale neighborhood in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

One thought on “Uterga to Lorca

  1. Jane – following your epic Camino. It seems like you’ve had quite a few surprises in terms of terrain. Your daily progress is inspirational!


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