Lorca to Estella

DAY 8: TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 2017


By this time, we’re starting to wonder about the mileage. We took a second look at the guide book and it defined the way they counted miles. It was a straight line beginning and ending at the most popular Albuergue. That would be “as the crow flies” and it does not take the vertical incline or descent into account. Now we understand why it took us so long to get to Pamplona and how 12K can be more like 20 miles. We are feeling very tired and worn out so we decided to shorten our days. We plan to stop around 3pm no matter where we are. It gets tricky trying to reserve an Albuergue when you don’t know where it is you will be stopping.

We have passed many beautiful old churches. Most of them are locked.

Estella is a charming medieval village. The population is about 13,600.

We stayed at the Capuchinos Albergue de Peregrinos Rocamador in Estella. Very quiet and restful.

It’s always interesting to check out the mercado’s. This is a wall of salted ham. I wonder what they do with the little hoof at the end? Maybe use it for soup??

Lots of fresh seafood but some pretty ugly looking fish.

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