Villamayor de Montjardin to Sansol

DAY 10: THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2017


Here’s a hold over photo from last night at the bar where we had dinner. It’s the popular beers!

Love that Sputnik logo.

This. is the 41 percent beer.  I can’t imagine what that tastes like.

Lots of vineyards and hills on the hike today.

Directional marker with someone’s nice hiking boot filled with flowers.

In the middle of nowhere was a food truck selling coffee, tea, fruit and other items. 

The hostess of the Albergue “El Olivo de Sansol” greeted us at the door. It was her parent’s weekend home when she was a child and she turned it into an Albergue. We loved this place.

Yay! No bunk beds.

Nice sun porch to relax in.

They really liked holy water fonts. There was a whole wall full of them.

Cozy dining room. Another fabulous Basque dinner. They served a soup called Pistl along with pork and potatoes. On the left is John from Argentina who now lives in North Carolina. He was walking with his daughter Victoria from England. On the right of Terry (in red) is Louis from Venezuela who is walking with his wife Sara who is sitting on the other side of the table. Very interesting conversations. Whenever the Trump subject comes up, we just say were from Southern Canada.

Charming little kitchen for those who wanted to prepare their own meals.

From the Albergue you could see the next town which is Torres Del Rio.

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