Sansol to Logrono

DAY 11: FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2017


Beautiful day and another adventure ahead.

Camino honor system. People were nice enough to leave out fruit and beverages for the early morning pilgrims. You would just take what you wanted and leave the payment in the shell.

On the way out of Sansol through Torres del Rio.

A charming Albergue nearby.

Hiking through very scenic hillside and vineyards..

Another fine dining opportunity in the middle of nowhere.

A little shelter on the Camino for stranded pilgrims.

Hippie entertainment at the top of a steep climb. Several people were camped here in tents.

Can’t get enough of the poppies.

This was our Albergue in Logrono. It is much nicer than the Municipal Albergues. 

We ate dinner at a nearby place. Many people were playing this game. We haven’t figured out what it is yet.

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Jane is a resident of Browndale neighborhood in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

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