Logrono to Naverette



It took forever to walk through Logrono which had a fairly good size downtown area. We stopped at a church that had an original Michael Angelo painting. It was sealed behind glass and vaulted doors. To view it cost .50 euro and it had to be a .50 euro coin. We walked all over trying to find someone who had proper change.

Downtown Logrono.

Michael Angelo original.

Exterior entrance to the church in Logrono.

This is an origami project using wood panels that are folded in precise places to hold itself up.

Ham shanks on display at a local meat market. Once again, the hoof is part of the deal.

At the edge of Logrono is a very large park system with a lake. 

We had lunch by the lake. What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Another character doing his thing alongside the Camino.

At last, Naverette is in site. It was a long day of walking.

Another winery. Loved the giant bottle of wine on display.

This is the Albergue where we had a reservation. We were 40 minutes late and the guy sold our beds. We were lucky to get to beds in the Municipal Albergue. We were in one of the rooms with 12 bunks. The town was full. An older couple almost slept in the church but were able to get the last beds on the 4th floor of the Muni.

Nice assortment of tapas at a nearby bar.

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