Naverette to Najera

DAY 13: SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017


Got an early start … the Muni boots everyone out by 8am. We stopped in Ventosa for breakfast.

Smoothies for breakfast.

Met some German people who were using a cart to transport their backpacks. They let us try it and it is very light. 

Newly planted vineyard.

A beehive shelter can seat a dozen people. 

Jazebel from St. Louis, Missouri and Helga from Iceland. Jazebel had to be rescued on her first day on the Camino. She tried to walk from St. Jean Pied-de-Port to Roncevalle (through the Pyrenees) in one day. She was about 5K from the end and it was about 9pm. She decided to stay in a shelter on top of the Pyrenees overnight. A windstorm kicked in and it became very cold. At midnight she realized she would not make it through the night. The shelter had an emergency phone and she called the rescue crew. They came in a jeep and picked her up. There was no place available in Roncevalle for her to stay so they took her to the Fire Department in the next town, Burguette. One of the rescue people gave her his room and she stayed the night there. Terry and I could have easily made the same mistake of trying to go to through the Pyrenees in one day. The guidebooks are very misleading about distances. Fortunately we were so jet lagged and overwhelmed by the steep trail that we stopped at Orisson and they happened to have beds available. 

The comforts of home (ha ha).

Terry booked a room though “”. We made our way to the address. It seemed kind of odd. It was an apartment and we had to go up 5 flights of stairs. Zuelena would like to study to be a pharmacist and is earning a little extra money by renting out her apartment. She gave us the keys and left. It was nice to have a quiet place.

It cost about $10 each to stay in Zuelena’s apartment.

The apartment had a small living room and patio balcony.

We ate dinner at a nearby restaurant. A Spaniard asked me where I was from. After responding with Minnesota, he began to tell me that he was a Timberwolves fan and that he really liked basketball. His favorite team is Orlando.

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