Najara to Cireuna

DAY 14: MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017


Another adventure awaits! As we left Najara, we saw the preparations being made for the May Day festival. 

We were a little bummed that we didn’t get to experience the festival but needed to get some miles in today.

This is a portable oven. They use it for baking bread at the festival but I think it would do well for pizza too.

At 8am they had it stoked with wood and good coals. This dude was already baking bread for the day.

This looked like a swing set structure with two cow? Bull? skulls hanging from it. Now sure what that festival fun was all about and I think I’d rather not ask.

Beautiful hike to Cireuna. Could see the snow capped mountain in the distance. Love walking through this beauty.

Happy reunion! We crossed paths with our friends Louis & Sara from Venezuela.

Stopped for breakfast in a small town enroute.

Louis said he wanted to see a bullfight in Santo Domingo. We thought about it. Unfortunately, the bullfight isn’t until next week. They will soon be extinct because of all the animal cruelty protests. Not sure if we really wanted to experience it or not. Love the poster. Notice the female picador on the horse. 

Foot break alongside the road. We take the boots and socks off and take a nice rest. A little further down the road we passed a “golf community”. The golf clubhouse was busy but the community was a ghost town. This was a new developement in 2008 and no one bought into it. There are beautiful condos and no one lives in them. 

Happy hour at the only bar in Cireuna.

Nice accommodations in Cireuna. No bunks, double room with bath. We did the Pilgrim dinner in the dining room with about 20 other people including our friend Jazebel from St. Louis and Steph from Majorca. It was a good dinner and a good day on the Camino.

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