Cirueña to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

DAY 15: TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017


This was a very easy day. Less than five miles to Santo Domingo where we planned to take a rest day. My son Quinn and fiancé Emily are going to join us there. They started in London, went to Paris, then to LaRochelle France and San Sabation, Spain. So excited to see them. 

We had been hearing about all the cold and snow back home. Also hearing that the beginning of our Camino in the Pyrenees was also experiencing cold and threats of snow. So glad we got through it when we did.

Camino artwork in the round about leaving Cirueña.

The road to Santo Domingo. Love walking these roads.

Camino people love dual purpose — when the shoes wear out, make a trail marker out of them.

Had to walk through an industrial area to get into Santo Domingo. Not very pretty.

We finally made it to Santo Domingo. Here’s a sculpture dedicated to the Camino.

Lovely chapel near our hotel.

The chapel doesn’t have a cross, just Mary dressed in real clothes.

Many of the churches in Spain have replaced vigil candles with the electronic version. Probably a lot less maintenance involved but there’s a lack of sacredness. Too electric, not natural. 

This is the Santo Domingo “hanging man” cookie. I will tell the whole story in next blog.

This is the Santo Domingo rooster cookie. I will tell the story in my next blog. Delicious — very flaky.

The bakery had a big selection of other delicacies too.

Lots of chocolate animals.

We were having a beer and the bartender ran out and wanted to know what size socks we wore. He gave us a free pair of “900 year anniversary” (of Santo Domingo) socks … a freebie. A little odd but we loved it. I’m getting the feeling that Santo Domingo is a very strange town with lots of oddities …. the hanging man cookie, the Rooster in the cathedral and happy hour socks. Quinn posed with the bartender and his new socks.

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2 thoughts on “Cirueña to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

  1. Jane, I’m enjoying your trip narrative so much – I feel I’m with you. So glad Quinn and Emily could join you. Thanks for the wonderful photos and stories!!


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