Espinosa del Camino to San Juan de Ortega

DAY 19: SATURDAY, MAY 6, 2017

We stopped in a little town for breakfast. 

This is John from Seattle. He is a former Marine. He said he had enough of the pilgrim crap … he was staying in hotels from here on out.

We hiked the Matagrande and yes it was steep. It was also a very long walk through the woods.

Footbreak needed after Matagrande.

This is Chubbie from Hungary. He was walking barefoot. He said it felt like a massage for his feet.

Lots of good trails to take.

Interesting rest area.

These are the wild hombres from Barcelona (plus one guy from Argentina.) 

This is the monestary at San Juan. The accommodations were not as nice as the one in Roncevalle.

The monestary was full. They served 75 for dinner that night. We had about 25 people in our room.

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