LSan Juan de Ortega to Orbaneja Riopico

DAY 20: SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2017

Another beautiful day of hiking. 

We hiked through a herd of cows grazing peacefully on a Sunday morning.

The road to Ages.

Finally made it to Ages.

Found a nice place for breakfast.

Inside was decorated beautifully with ivy.

It had one of the best bathrooms in Spain.

This is Pilgrim Jim from Colorado. He is a brewmaster at a small microbrewery. This is his second time doing the Camino.

This was the tough part of today’s hike.

A resting area. The sign reads something like, Since the Pilgrim has mastered the mountains of Navarre in Burguete and saw the fields of Spain he has not seen a more beautiful sight as this.

This is our Albuergue for tonight in Orbaneja Riopico.  Very nice and no roommates.

Very friendly bar at the Albuergue. Pilgrims dinner featured stuffed eggplant, lentil soup, pork or chicken.

Nice outdoor patio where we made plans and reservations for the rest of the Camino.

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