Orbaneja Riopico to Burgos


We hit the road around 7am. The first town we hit was Villafria. Lots of stork nests here. A good stop for breakfast.

Stork nests are huge and usually perch at the highest point of buildings.

To enter Burgos,we walked for many miles around the airport and following a river.

The river walk goes on forever and follows around the city.

Medieval gate enters into the city center.

Middle of the afternoon is very quiet. Locals don’t come out until around 7pm.

A bench sculpture of a pilgrim resting his weary bones.

The Cathedral of Burgos is quite spectacular.

Planning to tour the cathedral tomorrow.

A pleasant surprise, we met up with our friend Kate who is from Australia. Last time we saw her was on our death march into Pamplona.

We shared a lovely dinner of oxtail stew, salad and a steak & cheese appetizer. It was delicious.

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2 thoughts on “Orbaneja Riopico to Burgos

  1. Leaving Madrid for Toledo. Storks in nests seen in City in trees and buildings. They are protected and come in spring to mate. The sign of storks coming is a good omen. Unfortunately​ One in our group had purse passport and credit cards stolen by pick pocket. Susan


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