This is what I found to be one of the most interesting sites in Leon. The Monastery of San Marcos existed until 1837 when it was seized and abolished by Juan Àlvarez Mendizàbal (Prime Minister under Queen Isabel II).  Monastic life of the friars of St. James came to an end after 700 years. The monastery faced several auctions and constantly changing inhabitants and uses. In 1936 it became a concentration camp where Franco imprisoned his political prisoners. It is believed that 20,000 Spaniards passed through the cells and approximately 7,000 died.

The monestary now facilitates the museum of Leon and is also a 5-star Parador (historical hotel). 

Im not sure what this is … the monks were cloistered. Perhaps this is where visitors could talk to them??

This is the hotel lobby of the Monestary of San Marcos. It was featured in the movie “The Way”. The Martin Sheen character treats his Camino friends to a night at the Parador.

If I were in Kentucky, I’d think this was a bourbon, but not in Spain … it is a San Miguel beer.

This is the Basillica of Leon. 

New pews AND each pew had a heater under it. These old stone churches can be really cold.

This is the courtyard of the government building. 

Government building of Leon from the courtyard.

An entire school passed through this little street. Took over ten minutes for all the kids from small to middle school age to pass through.

I didn’t realize that Route 66 passed through Leon.

The ham leg with hoof on display at this tapas bar. 

Perfect lunch … a bowl of mushrooms! (David hates mushrooms.) There we’re two crocks with unidentifiable contents which I later discovered were “frog haunches” and “gizzards”. So glad I went with mushrooms.

This is the Cathedral of Leon which is an engineering marvel of it’s time. 

The stained glass windows are the soul of this cathedral. You could stare for hours at them.

This is the main altar area.

The cloister of the Cathedral was stunning too.

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