I know the after school program at Meadowbrook is ending soon. Hope you all have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you next fall.

Just wanted to share with you, what I ate for dinner last night. It was Octopus. I was somewhat apprehensive about trying it, however, everyone here in this region of Spain eats Octopus. So I ordered it for dinner. I followed our “5 bites rule” and decided I liked it. It tastes kind of like lobster but chewier and kind of like Calamari (Squid) but not as chewy.

There was a big festival in the little village we are staying in — it is the feast of Santo Isidoro who must be the patron saint of agriculture and farming. All the farmers decorated their tractors with flowers and branches of cherries and paraded through the town. It was very special to see how thankful this village is for its farmers and the food they produce.

Below are some photos from the day in Cacabelos, Spain. Hope you enjoy them.

Take care,

Jane in Spain

Juana in Espana

I am having a big plate of Octopus for dinner. Yum!  The other dish is Potatoes Brava which is potato wedges in a Siracha-like sauce mixed with mayo …  double YUM!

Kettle full of Octopus cooking at the festival.

The farmers decorated their tractors with flowers and branches of cherries for the parade through town.

The farmers tossed flower petals to us and gave us handfuls of cherries to eat.

The cherries here are delicioso!


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Jane is a resident of Browndale neighborhood in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.


  1. Hello from the 4th Graders at Meadowbrook. We liked reading about your blog. The octopus didn’t look like it tasted, but we are proud of you that you ate some.

    Have a good trip.


  2. Hello from all the 2nd Graders at Meadowbrook.

    Miss Jane I really, really miss you. I love your food. I hope you have a great day.From Rotriel.

    I miss your corn. I hope you have it again next year. Did you ever eat corn in Spain? From Jason

    Did you really like the taste of the octopus? I miss your cooking. From Jude

    Hi Miss Jane. I liked your pictures. Are you having a good trip? Thank you for your cooking. From Saydi


  3. Hi Jane,
    Bring me back some octopus. It looks interesting. I like the way they look.
    You should have taken me alone to Spain. Are you going to watch the running of the bulls?
    Do they celebrate Cinco de Mayo or is that only in Mexico?
    Have a good trip!


  4. Hi Miss Jane! We love and miss you.You’re the best cook.
    Your pictures are beautiful. Cathleen say’s she thinks the octopus looks good!
    Jessica wanted to know if you were eating potatoes?
    Mohamed wants to know do you drink water from a cup? Do you have to drink a lot of water when you are walking?
    Dionne says, “She loves your cooking.”

    I can tell you are very loved by so many people. Enjoy your journey…


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