Astorga to Rabanal del Camino

DAY 26: SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2017


We were very hopeful that there would be some sort of procession through the town. I set my alarm for 6:30 am. As we were walking to the Cathedral, we could see young men carrying 25′ poles down the Main Street. This was a good sign that something was going to happen. The closer we got the more poles we saw going down the street and the more people we saw walking to the Cathedral.


Men were carrying 25′ foot flag poles downs the Main Street at 7am. There were at least 30 poles.

When we arrived at Cathedral square, we were delighted to see that the giant ornate doors were open.  The community band was all lined up and ready to perform. We found a great spot to observe and what an amazing sight it was.

First the processional crosses came out of the doors.

Next came the Santa Maria de Castro.


Community band was ready to roll.


And away they went. Not just through the town, but to the next town. Terry and I were going nuts — we love a good parade! I followed on the ground and Terry went aerial on a bridge over looking the city.


I followed the parade down to the city limit. This is where the bishops and monseignors did a little ceremony and sent the Saint Maria on her way with the congregants. Many congregants had little back packs on. Perhaps it was their lunch or maybe they were staying overnight in the next town. The plan was that the Santa Maria would come back to the Cathedral the next day.

The flag holders had quite a job holding this huge flagpole. Fortunately there was no wind. It seems like there was a crew for each of the 30 flags.


Quite the balancing act for the pole carriers.


The crew helps with supports. There were at least 30 of these flags lining the road to the next town.


After the blessing at the city limits, the bishops, priests and monseignors headed back to the cathedral.

This potentate was having a smoke on the way back to the Cathedral.

img_0587-1This is our hotel. Our room is just above and to the left of the sign.


All of the excitement was over by 9:30 am. We me back at the hotel for breakfast.


This is one of the specialties of Astorga. The figures on the box are the same characters on the glockenspiel clock in the town square that strike the bell on the hour. One kind tastes like cake and the other has honey and tastes more like baklava.

Back on the road again. Today we’re walking to Rabanal del Camino.

 This is our hostal in Rabanal.

Nice room with a small window and a skylight.


Antonio our bartender. Very Celtic looking bar with beautiful stone and wood.

Happy hour with Nicki and her mom Mary from Utah.

This is the first Pilgrim on horse that we’ve seen on the Camino. He also had a dog traveling with him.

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