This is our hostal in Cacabelos. We spent a second day here to heal foot wounds and get caught up with blogging. 

We sat under an umbrella and watched the pilgrims go by. Did a little blogging. Ate lunch and chatted. A wonderful way to enjoy a warm 80 degree day.

Terry clinks glasses with Brussels from Champagne, France. That’s not a typo, her name is Brussels and she is from Champagne.

Some pasta and a glass of wine for lunch.

More chatting with Brian from Portland. It’s very common to compare routes and plans with fellow pilgrims.

We strolled to the other end of town. The river goes under this house.

Our destination was this church. Supposedly there was a painting of a young Jesus playing cards with St. Anthony of Padua. Church was locked — so disappointing. We really wanted to see if it was on green felt and if there were dogs also playing cards with them.

The church was surrounded by an Albergue. There were two people to a room which we thought was decent. Down side was that the restroom and showers were in the courtyard. 

This is a very old wine press. It’s massive.

This is how it works. I don’t think its been used in a very long time. Looks like some parts are missing.

Cacabelos is a very beautiful village.

Checked out a nice Irish bar on the way back. Tapa served was mussel garnished with a pico de gallo.

More mussels for dinner and they were fabulous.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped to chat with Candace who works at the bakery. The oven is very deep. One side holds the wood for the heat and the other side where the bread goes is about 8 feet deep. She had a really long paddle for putting bread in and out. Next morning we walked down and picked up some fresh pastries. The bread looked amazing.

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One thought on “Cacabelos

  1. The mussels in Cacabelos looked wonderful. It must be fun meeting people from all over, sometimes more than once. Enjoy!


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