Cee to Sardinario

15 APRIL 2018

Still at the Cee apartment. We had a bunch of eggs, cheese and peppers left over. We couldn’t figure out how to work the stove but could get the oven going so we made an egg bake. No toaster so we toasted the bread in the oven.


Short walk today, only about five miles to Sardinario. We left Cee about 9:00 am and the next town over, Corcubion, was about a mile away. This was a very ornate yard that we passed on the way to Corcubion.


Low tide. We saw several people digging for clams or something on the beaches.


Corcubion seemed to be an artsy kind of place as evidenced by this tile bench. The tiles reminded me of Portugal.


This bench had a glass wall behind it as a wind break. Very beautiful well maintained village.


Lots of tile work.  Notice the hand shaped seat rests on this pillar.


Oh yay! Sunday morning and we found a church …. it was around 10:30 am and the bells were ringing — doors were all locked.


One of the town squares featured a ping pong table. Nice contrast to the Horreo (corn crib) in the background.


Such a well marked Camino trail! So inviting!


And it was a beautiful walk.


Lots of green and tall walls on a sunny day.


Very lush with the feel of spring in the air.



Don’t know what these are but I always call them the upside down Christmas trees. Reminds me of Hawaii.


Beautiful route today. Only one bad steep hill. When we reached the top a man jumped out of a car and handed us a flyer for an albuergue in Finisterre. It’s probably hard to scratch out a living with seasonal pilgrims. I admire the effort he made considering there are very few ways to market to transient visitors who are just passing through like us.


Back on the highway for a stretch. We’re not back in Cee … it’s a sign depicting Cee county.


There’s our little village of Sardinario.


Nice beaches. There were two boats we could see for several days. We inquired about them and were told they are laying underwater cable. That’s a good thing because their current WiFi was not very good.


Lunch break on a little bridge over a waterway.


At the edge of town walking into Sardinario.


Nice beaches!



We checked into our hostel and the room was very cold. We all curled up in our beds and sacked out for a while. Still chilled, we went to the bar and asked for a hot brandy. The bartender didn’t really know what we were asking for … she poured a generous glass of brandy and then tried steaming it like a latte. We shook our heads no. Then she took her cigarette lighter and started it on fire. We shook our heads no. Then she poured another glass with hot water … we shook our heads yes, but then we needed a bigger glass to mix them in. We knew miel was the word for honey and somehow we got a lemon. Not exactly how a hot brandy is made but we got the end results we were seeking.

Afterward, we walked down the shoreline. It’s a beautiful area.


This little canal led to the ocean. Must be low tide.


We stopped at another bar for gin-tonika and ended up watching a Spanish chick-flick with the bartender.

Eventually, we made it back to our hotel for dinner. Tomorrow would be our last day of walking this camino.



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