About that Blizzard in Minnesota …

14 APRIL 2018


Big coincidence … we were at the Shrine of Our Lady of Snows when Minnesota was hit with the Blizzard of the Century. You know how us Catholic girls connect with our Shrines! Hope you enjoyed the fruit of our worship.

Here’s where we had to back track a little to cover all the miles. This photo is from APRIL 8TH (GREEN ROUTE) when we were going from Dumbria to Santiago. It’s the fork in the road.





Our cab driver Carlos picked us up at 8:00 am on Saturday, April 14th in Cee (YELLOW ROUTE) and back tracked us to the fork in the road where we would take the other direction toward Finisterre. It was a very foggy morning.


We started in a fog. This was going to be an 8-mile hike into Cee. This photo shows “DUMBRIA” spelled out in stones but its hidden in the fog today.


This is a dream route … scenic, quiet, and pleasant.


A little bit of gentle rain.


This is my best attempt at being artsy. Dew drops on the pine needles.


And this is an awesome cobweb covered in dew. Best I could do.


We crossed paths with a few people but not many.


This was the ideal trail … no pavement, and mostly downhill.


So scenic, peaceful and what you dream of hiking!!


Little village which we hoped to pass through only because we needed a bathroom break.  The road did not lead us there.


Fun to see bikers coming through.


Just around the bend is “Our Lady of Snows” shrine.


Sweet little chapel. Unfortunately it was locked.


They did have a little place with a guest book. This was the exact time that Minnesota was being hit with the snow storm of the century.


Interesting how that Queen of the Snows has a naked baby in tow. You would expect to see the baby bundled some how. There is a celebration every year on September 8.


This cross is down by the sacred secret healing waters. We did not drink of the waters and thank goodness … you  might have had twice as much snow!


Awesome road … so peaceful and serene frangranced with Pine and other aromatics.


Whatever this tree is, we love it. The pine cones look like candles.


Beautiful view of the hillsides.


This is the Hermitage of San Pedro the Martir. According to the Brierly guidebook, “Here the sacred waters cure bodily aches and rheumatism with the simple expedient of placing the diseased part of the body in the waters of the holy spring.” I just drank the stuff and hoped it did whatever it was suppose to do.

Bonus … extra 100 meter walk to the Cruceiro do Armada.


According to the Brierly guidebook, the original cross is gone but a substitute marks the spot. It’s the first glimpse of the ocean and village of Cee.


Just a bit down the road we found an awesome view of Cee. People kept telling us about the very steep hill going down into Cee. It was nothing worse than what we had already experienced. This was one of my favorite walks.


The factory on the water’s edge is the “unsightly” carbide factory. According to the Brierly guidebook, “it’s giant chimneys spew smoke into the sky making it visible for miles around. Trucks laden with iron ore thunder up and down the road between here and it’s sister factory at the industrial port in Cee.” It’s still a beautiful view.


Getting closer.


Little shrine on the side of the road.


Beautiful view walking into Cee.


Finally, we have reached the village edge.


Diane is not bored, she’s tired. We just walked 8 miles. This was the first stop for a restroom.


The trail dumped us off at the far side of town.


Tomb with a view! Prime burial spots with a view of the ocean.


Walking through town to get back to our apartment.


We found a good bakery. This size of these donuts is crazy … they are about 8” in diameter.


Hotel Larry! We would have definitely forgone our luxury apartment to stay at Hotel Larry.


The bakery and the main mall in town are quiet now but in a few weeks this place will be hoppin.

We found an awesome places for dinner. It was the Fogo de Chao of CEE at a fraction of the cost. Wine included!

Back to the apartment! So nice to have our charming little place. A wonderful respite!



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