Ferrol to Neda

19 September 2019


Time to leave the Parador and hit the road to Neda. Finally, we are starting Camino Ingles. We were packed up and out of the room by 8:00 am but it was still dark outside. Couldn’t resist — had to have breakfast at the Parador.

The breakfast room at the Parador.

Among the items offered was an assortment of fresh fruit.

The Camino route took us through the main shopping street of Ferrol. We found an unusual statue. Viewing through American eyes, one would think this was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist hate group. Through Spanish eyes, it is a penitent from the Semana Santa procession that takes place the week before Easter. It has no sinister significance and, in fact, their symbolic meaning of the cone-shaped hat is that it is rising to heaven and bringing the penitent closer to heaven. It’s still scary looking.

The route passes by a number of Naval training bases.

… and a few churches.

The coastal views continue as the route wraps around Praia de Caranza, a volleyball beach (shown below).

Coffee break time! Chatted with a nice couple from Pretoria, South Africa … Annette and Henk. Being it was our first day on the Camino, chances are good that we’ll be crossing paths with them again.

Back on the road and through the industrial area. Not very interesting.

Oooops! We got on this path by mistake. It was very eroded, full of vines with thorns and led to a drainage tunnel where either a troll or an axe murderer lived. We quickly realized the error and got out of there.

The pampas grass is beautiful and it’s everywhere.

This is the monastery of St. Martin. It appears that someone is living there or at least having services there but we found it to be totally quiet.

We took a little break in the shade. It was very warm — maybe in the high 70s and full sun.

It’s nice to be out walking in the country again.

Even though we took the shorter route, it was miserable walking along the sandspit area in the heat and full sun.

Finally over the footbridge and into Neda. Day 1 accomplished.


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