Neda to Pontedeuma

20 September 2019


It wasn’t even daylight when we left the room at about 7:40 am. Since the little cafe under our room didn’t open until 8:00 we sat down on the steps and waited. Eventually a group of four men showed up and were also expecting the cafe to be open. One of them asked us “Ocho? Ocho?” We nodded and we all waited. They spoke Spanish and were from the Isle of Majorca (in the Mediterranean) which is located just off the east coast of Spain.

We had a quick breakfast of coffee and toast. The cost is 2 euro which is just a little bit more than $2.

The gents of Majorca are getting ready to hike out. We never caught up to them.

Lemon trees are everywhere.

Leaving Neda, we walked this lovely boardwalk around the Ria de Ferrol.

It’s always interesting when your walking through the countryside.

Great views of the village from another boardwalk.

This is the biggest snail I’ve ever seen. I think it was a good 5-6″ long.

This seemed to be the hot spot for taking a lunch break on the Camino today.

We took a break with Annette (and Henk) from South Africa.

This Siamese tabby shows off its tabby tail.

Today’s Camino walk had several lovely trails. We prefer the dirt trails.

This kind old dog escorted me off its property. No barking, just showed me the way.

Lots of apples hanging from trees. An entrepreneur of apple sales left a donation box along with apples in a chair making it convenient for pilgrims.

Your choice … long route or the short route that has one dangerous crossing. We took the short route. It wasn’t that dangerous.

A beautiful wall of what appears to be morning glories.

I’m a fan of sponge Bob. The rabbit it cute too.

Entering the Pontedeuma area with a view of Rio Eume.

We seem to be keeping pace with Henk and Annette. Time for a cerveza before they stopped for the day at Cabanas. We were trekking on to Pontedeuma.

We continued across the Pontedeuma bridge. The water was very clear and we could see large fish from the bridge. Many colorful fishing boats moored in the riverside gave this town the feel of a fishing village.

Pontedeuma is a medieval city with narrow streets cut into a steep hillside. We stayed in the old quarter.

Hostal Luis above Restaurant Luis is our final destination today. And a very noisy one. When we arrived around 2:30 pm, the restaurant was packed with locals enjoying Friday afternoon. Also, there is a popular square across the street from the restaurant.

Across from Hostal Luis, is a cement park where everyone hangs out. The parents sit at the outdoor restaurant while the kids play soccer on a very slanted court.

Salad mixta was the start of our Octopus dinner at Restaurant Luis.

Our room was small but very tidy and clean. Glad to be done walking for the day.


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One thought on “Neda to Pontedeuma

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day! The food looks delicious and the company too! Buen Camino! Henk and Annette sound Afrikaans. I used to live in South Afrika. Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg. Where are they from?


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