Pontedeuma to Miño


21 September 2019

Pontedeuma is a beautiful town which has developed over time thanks to its historical and heavily-trafficked bridge. Located at the mouth of the Eume River on the side of Breamo Hill, it maintains its medieval feel and preserves the legacy of the Andrade family who played a pivotal role in the town’s growth.

This bronze statue is called “The Panadera” (the bread woman) in the plaza del Pan (the Plaza of Bread).

Ancient statue of a monk greets those climbing the stairs to the Church of Santiago.

Galician two-sided crosses are commonly found on street corners.

A local enjoying the morning sun on her patio.

Lots of gardens everywhere with fall harvest in abundance. Looks like a watermelon.

Not sure what these are … squash? Pumpkin?

Morning glories seem to grow everywhere.

And the road continues.

This is the first time we’ve ever seen grapes on the Camino. The previous two caminoes were during the months of April and May which are too early for grapes on the vine./

This is the bread truck on his route. He pulls up and beeps the horn. Someone usually runs out of the house to get the bread …

And at some houses, they leave the bread hanging on the door or in a special bread box.

The camino cuts through a golf course.

There was actually a golfer golfing over the camino.

And the camino continues after cutting through a golf green.

We saw berries that looked like raspberries and blackberries coming from the same vine. They tasted terrible.

A horreo (corn crib) with a wonderful view.

Freshly painted house with color coordinated gate and horreo.

This giant fungi (about 10″ in diameter) was awesome looking but it is the enemy of the Eucalyptus trees.

Interesting stop sign graffiti.

Stopped at a coffee shop that had a statue of a pilgrim and his dog.

The coffee shop owner was happy to chat about the other antiques she had on display.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs on a display shelf on somebody’s second floor shelf.

Finally, we reached our destination, the La Terraza hotel.

The room was very similar to last night’s accommodations at Hostal Luis.

We joined Annette & Henk for tapas at a convenient restaurant across the street from our hotel. Then we all went shopping at the nearby Gadis grocery store.

It was cold and raining and we were tired from the day’s walk, Dinner from Gadis grocery store served in what Terry called, the “top drawer deli”.


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