Itero de Vega

Monday, September 13, 2021: The plains of the Meseta were flat and easy to walk … until today. It was another hot sunny day and the trail started out flat but off in the distance I could see a pathway going up a large and steep looking hill. Surely that was not our route.

Alto de Mostyelares is the hill that can be seen off in the distance. I had assumed the road would go around it, not over it. No such luck.
Look carefully and you can see a diagonal path going across the hill. That was our route. It instilled dread just looking at it from a distance.

This hill was a nightmare. Walking it in full sun with no shade and it was a fairly warm day. Very few places to stop and catch your breath. When we walked the entire 500 miles of the Camino Frances in 2017, I don’t remember anything this traumatic.

Saw this marker half way up the hill. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone died trying to walk up this thing.
Theresa forges up the hill — time for a rest.
There were several monuments at the top.
There was a nice shelter at the top and a little picnic area shaded by a tree.
What goes up must go down at an 18% grade. On the middle left of photo you can see where it looks like the road abruptly ends. You cannot see the steep drop down the hill. There were no switchbacks either … just straight down. Very difficult to walk down.
Onward to Itero de Vega. Grateful for a flat trail.
Welcome to the Muni at Itero. Population of Itero de Vega is about 177. Not much else to see in this town but didn’t have the energy anyway.
We had a delightful dinner with the United Nations here … (from right to left) Bernard, an Inn owner from Munich, (Jane), William and his father Colm from Dublin Ireland, (Theresa) and Hi from Paris originally Vietnam. Everyone spoke English. We solved all the problems of the world and more!
Colm was modeling his stylish rain gear.

Next stop is Fromista which is about 7 miles away. It had been the breadbasket of the farming area since Celtic times until being destroyed by the Moors and later rebuilt in the 12th century. Buen Camino!

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