We were packed up and leaving El Burgo Renaro around 8:00 am and the moon was just rising. What a beautiful sky and it was the perfect view from all of the public exercise equipment.

Next stop is Reliegos — land of the bodegas which are wine cellars built into hillsides. Some also function as taverns that serves primarily wine.

A bodega on the Main Street of Reliegos.
This sign marks the meteor site.

The claim to fame for Reliegos is being struck by a meteor in 1947. The 38-lb meteor is on display in the natural science museum in Madrid but the site is well marked on the Main Street of Reliegos.

A metal plaque in the street marks the place where the meteor hit.
Albergue Las Hadras is where we stayed.

Once again, we saw Las Hadras turn away quite a few people. It’s a small albergue that had a good vibe.

We had a bunk tucked away in a small alcove. Fortunately, this is the only time we (Theresa) got stuck with a top bunk. Because of covid, top bunks usually were left open.
This albergue did serve Vegan meals. The back yard of the albergue had a patio and some landscaping.
Very interesting … take a closer look!
It’s a packer cap on a pole. We think it came with the meteor. Go Pack Go!
On our walk through town we found only a couple restaurants and they were open only in the afternoon and early evening. Sorry … no coffee anywhere in the morning. We filled up on Calamari and vino tinto.
We walked by a hillside filled with bodegas.
Somebody had their onions displayed on the sidewalk.
The dark sky looked threatening all day.
The tour of bodegas …
In this small town, I’m thinking the bodegas must have been a family run operation.
This is Bar Elvis. We were told it was the town hotspot.
… And it was. Our new friends we met at Bar Elvis … Peter and Annette from Minnetonka! Annette just retired as an elementary teacher from Wayzata and Peter is a civil engineer. Behind Annette is Tara from Toronto, Jasmine from Zurich, (Theresa) and Chuck from Oregon.
It is mind boggling to be so far away from home and to meet people who live so close to home.

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