JANE NOT IN SPAIN: Seattle & Alaska

We’re off on another adventure but this time it’s not in Spain. Theresa and I have just arrived in Seattle for a couple days and then we board a ship for Alaska.

More Thrills Than Chills … especially on this trip!

If I were a superstitious person I would have concerns right now. Joining us on the cruise will be my mother-in-law Sally who said this will be her 13th Alaskan cruise. Her twin sister Sue and friends Toni and Mary will round out our party of six. Theresa and I will meet them at the cruise terminal Monday around noon.

Adding to the superstitious concern is a schedule change to our cruise route. A few weeks ago the cruise line informed us that one of the four engines on our ship needs repair and there are supply chain issues delaying the repair. A second engine is due for maintenance. The route was changed to accommodate the two downed engines by eliminating some of the mileage because the ship will have to travel slower. But we were assured it is safe and they threw in a little bribe of $100 credit for each cabin.

The 13th cruise and two missing engines — no big deal! However, a big typhoon is hitting the Alaskan coast today (Friday). The cruise line informed us of another schedule change because of anticipated high winds in Skagway. Today’s CBS news said the Alaskan coast is flooding, they’re having 18-ft swells and expecting 60 mph winds. My husband David encouraged me to pick up Dramamine before boarding.

Adding to the drama, Theresa’s co-worker informed her that six planets are aligned — anything can happen now. Some believe that human affairs and terrestrial events are affected by the position of the planets and other celestial bodies. I would like to believe that peace will guide the planets and love will stir the stars.

To summarize, we have Sally’s 13th cruise on a ship that’s missing two engines in the midst of a typhoon while six planets are aligned. That spells ADVENTURE!

You’re welcome to join Theresa and I as we explore Seattle. Follow our cruise ship escapades by staying tuned to Jane (Not) In Spain.

Theresa and Jane have landed at the Seattle airport. No backpacks this time.


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