No Agenda Today!

The first day in Spain is to acclimate. Let the body recover from the stress of leaving home, the long flight and the time change. Absorb the energy of Madrid and lean into the culture.

This is a favorite breakfast spot. Glad to see that most of the shops and restaurants survived the pandemic and are open for business again.
“If you’re not drinking wine, it must be breakfast,” Chiquita restaurant.
Jet lag makes it hard to decide what meal you should be eating. This hearty plateful covered all the bases.
Sounds of a street musician playing glasses accompanied breakfast this morning. How do people learn to do this kind of stuff?
A wall full of espadrills beckoned us to a nearby shop. Interesting display.
Time for a stroll over to plaza Mayor
Mercado de San Miguel is a gourmet market featuring the culinary talent of a number of internationally renowned chefs.
Lots of seafood …
Octopus appetizers Yum!
I think this is a brontosaurus.
Swordfish coming out of the ice? Whatever it is, it has no teeth but that sword-like nose could do some damage. Sign next to is says … “Do Not Touch — They Bite Sometimes.”
The top shelf features Crabby Patty … I’ve seen them on Sponge Bob.
Ibérico Belotta Ham is a Spain specialty that sells for $140 per pound. Why?? See below.

Iberico Belotta hams come from pigs that feast on acorns. The favorite pastime of Iberico hogs is rooting around the pastures of the dehesa, (wooded farmland) foraging for acorns as well as herbs and grasses. All this running around and feasting makes for exquisitely marbled raw meat packed with natural antioxidants — a key ingredient for extended curing of the ham.

Iberico ham is considered as the most cardio healthy of all animal fats. It is low in calories, rich in vitamins B1, B6, B12, antioxidants, and has the ability to lower bad cholesterol levels and its high content in Omega 9 makes it unique.

The ham is sliced thin and often served with bread. The ham melts in your mouth and has a rich flavor profile that has been described as nutty and sweet, to earthy and floral.

Puerto del Sol at night … seems less crowded than in previous trips. We used to see street peddlers selling jewelry, toys and trinkets. They are all gone. The police presence has increased noticeably.
Ruth Badger Ruttger found a necklace she couldn’t resist.

Madrid is a fun place to visit but now it’s time to move on to rural Spain. The next stop is Burgos which is the start of the Maseta.

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