The Bus to Burgos

It’s a 2-1/2 hour bus ride from Madrid to Burgos. The people of Spain take Covid and mask wearing seriously. Everyone wears masks! They are required inside all buildings. When walking around outside, over half the people are masked. You don’t see anyone with their nose hanging out either. As of today, 74.6% of the entire population of Spain (over 12) is vaccinated. The US is at 54.3%. I feel safer here in Spain than in the United States. Last week at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport in Texas, countless people were walking around with their mask around their neck or their nose hanging out. Selfish. We all share the air.

Mask wearing is a must in Spain and no one complains about it.

Burgos is a small historical city with a very large Cathedral and a beautiful river walk that leads you to the city gates.

The Burgos Cathedral was finished in 1260. It is now a National Monument and a World Heritage Site.
Burgos has a beautiful walk that follows the River Arlanzon. It is part of the Camino. This is where we will start walking tomorrow.

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