Barcelona: Park Guell

Mallorca was a joy ride and I hope I get the opportunity to return some day. We barely scratched the surface of this fascinating island.

Sunrise in Mallorca came too early. Time to head out to the airport.
Ryan Air is taking us back to the mainland of Spain.

After Theresa and I completed the 2017 walk on the Camino Frances, David and I toured around Spain for a couple weeks. We spent some time in Barcelona so this isn’t my first visit. When I think of Barcelona, I think of Gaudi and his amazing work which can be found throughout Spain. Gaudi anything is high on my priority list.

Theresa and I are limited on our time in Barcelona. We have approximately a day and a half for touring. Sagrada Família is high on Theresa’s bucket list and it’s so amazing that I welcome the opportunity to see it again. Because it is so popular, we did reserve tickets in advance over a month ago from home.

After we landed in Barcelona and got settled in our Las Ramblas hotel, we headed for Park Guell which is a much treasured leisure area for the people of Barcelona. It was designed by Antoni Gaudi between 1900-1914 at the request of Eusebi Guell.

The original request was to create a housing development for families within an estate popularly known as Bare Mountain. The development had a series of restrictive requirements. Construction of the park was carried out during Gaudi’s naturalist stage when he perfected his personal style, inspired by the organic forms of nature.

Eusebi died in 1918 and his heirs offered the park to Barcelona City Council, which agreed to the purchase in 1922. It was not opened as a municipal park until 1926 and has since been the city’s most important and prominent park.

This is the multiple flights of stairs we hiked to get to the entrance of Park Guell.
The Catalan Vault
The bordering wall of the esplanade, a space for community gatherings.
Portico of the Washerwoman.
The famous Hypostyle Hall (aka Hall of a Hundred Columns) finished in 1907.
I don’t know what this building is but I call it the Dr. Seuss house.
A brightly colored dragon or salamander.
A nearby Park Guell gift shop was over stimulating. So many colors that I couldn’t focus on anything and had to leave.
After all that it was time for a gin tonika.
Dinner on Las Ramblas,
We shared a salad and a seafood assortment platter.
Stop and smell the roses!

A total stranger gave us these roses. It was an older woman who had been dining with her husband. She laid the roses on our table and said, ‘these are for you lovely ladies.’ What a nice way to end our first day in Barcelona.

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