Barcelona: Sagrada Família & La Boqueria

When it rains, it pours. And today was a pouring rainy day. Tomorrow we head to Madrid and the following day we fly home. However, we were notified that Renfe was anticipating a strike and we were advised to cancel our train tickets to Madrid and find another way there.

The choices we had we to take the Alsa bus which is an eight hour ride or find a flight. The thought of being on a bus for eight hours the day before being on airplanes for 12 hours was not appealing. We found a flight on Air Europa for about $50. We booked it without thinking twice.

Aerial view of Sagrada Familia

We had Sagrada Família reservations for 9:30. Navigating the metro always take a little time at first to figure it out. We did find our way and all was good. We found our tour group and had a little wait … in the rain.

Gaudi took the helm of the construction work on Sagrada Família in 1883. He died in 1926. Even though the construction is not finished today, work continues facilitating his philosophy and plans.

Tour guide telling us about the structure of Sagrada Família which means Holy Family.
The nativity facade. There is so much to look at in this facade.
The plan for the main entrance was to have a grand staircase and in the early plans they assumed the property across would be purchased. However, the owners are not willing to sell.
A view down into the crypt which is where Gaudi is resting in peace.
Pipes from the only Cavaliers-Coll organ in Catalonia was donated by the nuns and placed in the crypt beside the tomb of the basilica’s architect, Antoni Gaudi.

There is so much to see at Sagrada Família and one visit probably isn’t enough. After three hours we decided to head back to our neighborhood. Time for a visit to the Mercado.

St. Josep La Boqueria
We opted for seafood but also had an order of mushrooms and padron peppers.
Love the disco ball enhanced with forks and spoons.
A nice farm display of eggs.
Spiral potato chips.

The market is a bustling place and has countless booths with many delectable options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Now it’s time to start preparing for our trip home.

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