Good Morning Madrid — Or is It Afternoon??

16 September 2019 Terry slept like a rock … for 14 hours straight. I’m not so lucky. I was restless and kept waking up off and on with intermittent periods of reading and blogging. Needless-to-say, we got a late start today. The first few hours were spent chasing around Puerto del Sol. The ‘grab &Continue reading “Good Morning Madrid — Or is It Afternoon??”

Off to a Great Start

14 September 2019 Super Shortcut Through Security at MSP Airport Most locals know that MSP is restructuring it’s TSA security check points which means there’s only one station open with extremely long lines. As usual, Terry and I were dreading it and planned to arrive extra extra early. At work yesterday, David learned about aContinue reading “Off to a Great Start”

Camino Ingles and Ribadiso

13 September 2019 Meeting and Greeting the World Tomorrow my Camino buddy, Theresa (aka Terry) and I set out for Spain. On Sunday, we arrive in Madrid and stay for a couple days. On Tuesday we fly to A Coruna, work our way over to Ferrol and will start Camino Ingles there. The European caminoContinue reading “Camino Ingles and Ribadiso”