ST. JEAN PdP, FRANCE DAY 1: TUESDAY, APRIL 18 It was a quiet night, especially because I had two sets of earplugs in my ears. Lights were flashing all over the room. The rowdy fans had their headlamps on and were packing up at 6am. We were tired and didn’t start rolling out until aboutContinue reading “ST. JEAN PIED-DE-PORT TO ORISSON”

Do You Know the Way to San Jose??

We do know the way to Santiago. On the Camino, you follow yellow arrows for 500 miles. Even though we can’t take our guidebooks with because they’re too heavy, I do have a lightweight Michelin Camino map that we will be using. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find our way. We do know the way toContinue reading “Do You Know the Way to San Jose??”

I’ll Be Wearing This or That

I have never been a light traveler, my friends and family will attest to that. However, being the product of Catholic school systems,  I’ve always liked the idea of wearing a uniform and that fits right in with this expedition. Two sets of clothes for two months. Not exactly a uniform, but it may asContinue reading “I’ll Be Wearing This or That”

The Call of the Camino

My journey will be a 500 mile trek that starts in France at St. Jean Pied-de-Port which is near the border. The first day brings a hike over the Pyrenees and into Spain where it traverses through uninhabited wilderness, towns, villages and urban centers across the northern regions. This medieval pilgrimage route, also known as, “The Way of St. James”, culminatesContinue reading “The Call of the Camino”